Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wish List: Libraries to Build Dreams In

I am one of those people who consider books to be a basic human need and have always dreamed of building a library that would be accessible to all.  

It speaks so much about us as a people that we have thousands of internet cafes but only a handful of libraries. The few public libraries that we do have are not exactly inviting. When I was younger I used to visit the Cebu City Public Library to check out the Encyclopedia Britannica but aside from that and some newspapers, there wasn't much to read. 

Now that I have a child of my own, I am bent on raising him to be a reader and to develop a love for books.   He seems to be well on his way. I wish there was a place we could visit where we'd be surrounded by books and we could hang out and play if we wanted or listen to stories being read. I wish we had a children's library. 

This is the Norfolk & Norwich Children's Library which is featured in the database of 

This is the Cotsen Children's Library at the Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library in Princeton University.
I wouldn't mind spending an entire afternoon or more here. Isn't it beautiful?

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