Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When Can We Start Reading?

Dear Luis,

Before we left Cebu I got you some books from my favorite 2nd hand bookstore (well, the only 2nd hand bookstore I know) and I can't wait to start reading with you. Here's our stash:

1. Goodnight Moon

2. What Does Baby Do

3. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?

4. Eyes, Nose, Fingers & Toes

I wonder when we can start?

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Wait Was All Worth It..

Dear Luis,

It has been a little over one month since you joined us here. Your arrival was highly anticipated and we waited so long for you. Mommy (that's me) spent a longer time than usual in getting you out into the world. I was induced and in labor for two days before the doctors finally decided we had to get you out the quickest way possible, by c-section. And so it came to pass that at around 12:17 in the afternoon of July 4, 2011, you were brought out into this world.

I had to wait a couple of days before I was allowed to see and hold you and those were the longest days of my entire life. Its funny now but my first glimpse of your face was on your dad's facebook page.

I was overjoyed when they finally brought you to my hospital room and I could hold you at last. I have held you in my arms every day since then and eventhough I tell your dad and anyone who cares to listen how exhausting it is and how sore my arms are, its really very difficult for me to put you down, especially when you burrow
your face into my chest and look up at me with those beautiful eyes of yours.

We hope you forgive us for being clueless most of the time and taking so long to figure out whether you need to be fed, changed or burped or all three at the same time. We hope eventually our response time will improve so please be patient with us.

We love you very much.